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LRJ Radio Station Registration

A new program will be posted every Friday by 2:00 P.M. for airing any time over the next seven days.

The Lincoln Radio Journal is collecting minimal bits of information on the stations carrying our feed so that we may provide you notice of updates and advertise your station at this website.

Registered stations will have access to the mp3 files.

Station Information

Please enter each station individually so we can post your call letters and frequency along with your broadcast day and time.

(Internet Radio - please supply the required information directly to the )


Contact Information






Broadcast Information

Broadcast day and time are only changeable by direct access to the database
- please e-mail from your sign-up e-mail address if your day and/or time changes
so we can update the online list of stations. Be sure to provide your Name, City, Call Letters,
Frequency and new Day and Time.






IF you have a problem signing up, please send the above information directly to
and I'll get it entered directly into the database.